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The UFC flyweight champion will try once more to set that title defense record, but are fans still interested? Plus, what could the right TV deal do for the UFC? And are you a bad fan if you’re more interested in two heavyweight finishers than a historic 125-pound champ?

It’s significant, sure. Definitely worth mentioning and celebrating. When anyone wins that many fights in a row in this sport, especially while being at the top of a division and having everyone else in the weight class take their best shots for years, it’s a major accomplishment.

UFC 216 Live

UFC 216 Live

But I don’t expect it to feel like a huge deal, in part because it feels like he’s already done it. Ray Borg is about an 8-1 underdog against Demetrious Johnson. If Borg wins and ruins the streak, now that would be amazing. For Johnson to win again and cruise right past Anderson Silva in the record books, that would feel more like a continuation of the status quo.

Johnson been rampaging his way down the ranks, fighting people who are further and further from the top out of necessity. Beating the next guy in that sequence feels like a testament to his consistency, but that one win doesn’t seem more meaningful than any of the others.

Mostly I’m looking forward to being done with it, so we can move on and hopefully find a more interesting challenge for Johnson.

Not sure I’d describe that as a mauling, but sure, I see your point. If Tim Kennedy can take Michael Bisping down and keep him there for the better part of five rounds, why couldn’t Georges St-Pierre, one of the finest takedown artists this sport has ever seen, do the same?

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